Jack Was Kind

Consulting Producer

AFO Theater

Spring 2020

Originally produced by All For One Theater in association with Jami Floyd for live audiences, Jack Was Kind is a one woman show written and performed by Tracy Thorne and directed by Nick Cotz. The show imagines the internal life of a woman married to a prominent judge as he reaches for the role of a lifetime–the US Supreme Court. Painfully human and based on a real-life American event that will affect the country for generations to come, this intimate confessional story examines deep-seeded issues of privilege and complicity at the root of American sexual politics. Just before opening, AFO was shuttered for COVID and pivoted to zoom performances in Spring 2020, adding a series of conversations integral to the virtual performance. Jami produced these conversations, moderating several, together with AFO's Josh Adam Ramos for a theatrical experience that gave remote audiences an emotional punch, but also an artistic release.